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Luzhou Vocational and Technical College

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Located in Luzhou, Sichuan province---the only city of liquor in China, Luzhou Vocational and Technical College is one of the Demonstration Unit for Higher Vocational Colleges, Construction Unit of High-quality Higher Vocational Colleges in Sichuan Province, and a National Training Base for High Skilled Talents. The college covers an area of 1,344 mu and offers 40 majors, with nearly 15,000 students and 723 faculty members, including one academician of the International Academy of Systems and Control, two experts with special allowances from the State Council, one expert of the first "Ten Thousand Talents Plan" of Sichuan Province, seven reserve candidates of provincial academic and technical leaders, 44 professors and 34 doctors. The total investment in construction and resource are among the highest in Sichuan Province.
The college carries out deep school-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration with leading enterprises such as Langjiu Group, Luzhou Laojiao, NOBO, Huawei, Guoxin Lanqiao, Alibaba, Geely Auto, IHG, Haoneng Group, etc. The college owns two four-star hotels---Longjian Holiday Inn and Luzhou Jianguo Hotel. Besides, the college provides first-class learning and living environment for teachers and students including indoor gymnasium, heated swimming pool, standardized dormitories and canteens, as well as a Tmall supermarket to meet daily needs. Besides, shopping malls like Wanda Mall, Wal-Mart Mall and Better Life Mall only within a 10-minute walk to the campus. The college has convenient transportation, 5-minute drive to Luzhou Bus Terminal, 10-minute drive to Luzhou High-speed Railway Station and 15-minute drive to the city center.

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Luzhou Vocational and Technical College
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