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Sichuan Normal Univeristy

About the University

Sichuan Normal University(SICNU), as a provincial keyuniversity, is among the first to carry out the national “Basic Capacity Building Project in Colleges & Universities in Mid-western China”. It’s the first normal university to undertake the basic undergraduate normal educationin Sichuan Province.
As one of the first national master authorization units and among the 10th batch of doctor authorization units, SICNU has developed 11 discipline fields including Literature, Sciences, Engineering, Philosophy, Economics, Management, Law, History, Education, Art and Agriculture, with 2 centers for post-doctoral studies, 3 doctoral degreeauthorizationfirst-level disciplines, 26 doctoral degree authorized locations, 24 master’s degreeauthorizationfirst-level disciplines, 12 master’s professional degree authorization categories and 82 undergraduate programs. Up to now, SICNU has been developing into a comprehensive university with over 40,000undergraduates and 3,000 faculty members &research staffs in various fields.
SICNU is one of the university foreign exchange centers in Sichuan Province.Approved by the Ministry of Education, SICNU has gained the qualifications to recruit students from overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan Province, and to accept recommended students from Macao. SICNU has established extensive academic exchanges and personnel training relationships with 110 colleges, universities and educational research institutions in 25 countries and regions to train overseas students of all levels. SICNU has carried out joint training programs at various levels and in different countries.

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Sichuan Normal University
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