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Chengdu University of Technology (CDUT) was originally established on March 15th 1956 with the approval of the State Council of China. In September 2017, CDUT was listed as one of the universities for the national initiative of "World-Class Disciplines" construction.With the construction and development over 60 years, CDUT has become a multi-disciplinary polytechnic university, strong in geology, energy, resource science, nuclear technology and environment science, and characterized by chemical engineering, materials, electronics, mechanics, information technology and management science.

CDUT has 2 libraries with 2.4 million printed books, 102 digital databases, 4.3 million e-books and 49,000 e-journals. CDUT manages archives according to the requirements of the "national level 1 standard for archives management in scientific and technological institutions" and runs 6 public academic journals including 2 CSCD core journals and 2 Chinese core journals.

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Chengdu University of Technology
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