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Sichuan College of Architectural Technology

About the University

学院先后与澳大利亚、德国、美国、英国、丹麦等10余个国家的院校签署合作备忘录,开设有中澳建筑工程技术、中英工程造价和中丹物流管理三个合作办学专业,招收了150名来自南非、俄罗斯、等国的留学生。学院与阿曼、文莱、乌干达等国的大学共建立 “鲁班工坊”、海外培训基地并成立汉语教育中心,开展”中文+技能“国际在线课堂,并与乌干达、塞内加尔等国院校开展合作办学项目,从而培养更多具有国际视野的技术技能型人才,努力打造成为中国一流、世界水准的高水平现代化高职院校。
About SCAT
Sichuan College of Architectural Technology was founded in 1956, it has two campuses in Deyang and Chengdu. It offers 60 specialties relevant with civil engineering, with 1254 teaching faculty and 19117 students.
SCAT has signed Memoranda of Cooperation with universities in more than 10 countries, including Australia, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark and etc. It has run three Sion-foreign cooperative programs, including Sino-Australian Construction Engineering, Sino-British Construction Cost and Sino-Danish Logistics Management. It has recruited 150 international students from South Africa, Russia and other countries. The college has established "Luban Workshops", overseas training bases and Chinese language education centers with universities in Oman, Brunei, Uganda and some other countries, and has carried out “Chinese+Skills” Chinese International Online Courses, as well as educational cooperation programs with institutes in Uganda, Senegal and etc., so as to cultivate more high-skilled technical talents with international vision, and strive to become Chinas first-class and world-class high-level modern higher vocational college.

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    Hoalan****@gmail.com: 老师好, 今年学校有一年汉语的项目吗 或者夏令营吗?

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