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Sichuan University of Science and Engineering

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Founded in 1965, Sichuan University of Science and Engineering (SUSE) is a state-owned public comprehensive university with a long history and excellent track of records in Sichuan, China. With 23 colleges that offer both bachelor and master degrees, SUSE has over 42,000 undergraduates, graduates and international students in total enrollment. SUSE has 2,322 faculty members, including 1,763 full-time teachers. 40of them are professors or associate professors, and more than 80of them have PhD or master’s degree. The library of SUSE holds a collection of more than 2.9 million pieces of paper documents, and more than 5 million electronic resources in Chinese and other foreign languages. Currently, the university has three campuses, Huidong and Libaihe campuses in Zigong and Yibin campus, with total acreage over 300 hectares and state-of-art modern facilities.

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  • 16h:41m:32s; Jul 2,2021

    shangguanya****@163.com: If you want to apply for our degree programs, you have to. All of our majors are taught in Chinese.

  • 16h:40m:02s; Jul 2,2021

    abdujalilovsard****@gmail.com: Do I have to learn Chinese

  • 16h:33m:29s; Jul 2,2021

    yengiang0608****@gmail.com: ,

  • 16h:20m:51s; Jul 2,2021

    shangguanya****@163.com: By the way, International students’ dormitory is equipped with public kitchen. You can cook your own food if you like.

  • 16h:19m:33s; Jul 2,2021

    trienchie****@gmail.com: 我想学习汉语教育,这是你们学校的专业吗?

  • 16h:17m:26s; Jul 2,2021

    beid****@163.com: 关于学校的专业,一会儿徐老师会介绍

  • 16h:14m:45s; Jul 2,2021

    vincehwan****@gmail.com: its also great experience for me!!! Thanks

  • 16h:06m:20s; Jul 2,2021

    shangguanya****@163.com: Hi Everyone! Good afternoon! This is Sichuan University of Science and Engineering’s live house. You can leave your message and questions here. We will reply as soon as possible!

  • 16h:05m:05s; Jul 2,2021

    trienchie****@gmail.com: 老师好

  • 16h:01m:04s; Jul 2,2021

    hathuongan****@gmail.com: 老师好。

  • 15h:59m:34s; Jul 2,2021

    hathuongan****@gmail.com: 老师好。

  • 15h:59m:19s; Jul 2,2021

    Hoalan****@gmail.com: 各位老师好

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